Mentorship for Artists



As an artist I often long for an unpressurized space of guided play, to challenge habits, take risks and explore new avenues. It is sometimes difficult to make without concern for resolution, and to immerse yourself in the transcendence of material play.

After many years in tertiary arts education I’m starting Fourfold. I’m bringing my passion for creative mentorship and art making into a closer relationship by offering mentorship tailored to artists’ individual needs. My approach is to create a safe space of experimentation and thinking through process. 

In my own creative work I am fascinated with how technologies of information inform culture and influence the interplay of the visible and invisible as a mark is made. Creative processes become tools of being in and navigating the world. Bringing awareness to the subtle conversations we have between senses and materials, art making becomes an active meditation and way to reflect on the intimate connection of all things and to reconnect with the magic space of manifestation that mark making evoked as a child.